Teal, Charlotte and Paige,
You guys have been the best group to work with, especially in such a stressful situation! Teal you were fabulous at keeping up with ALL the details of the suits AND keeping the emotion out. You never once pushed us into typically ego driven situations (as it frequently can be in your testosterone driven world! Sorry, but true!)
Charlotte, you played the most fabulous “backbone” of the office! With the 4 of us in 4 different states, you kept all the docs organized and properly signed, Thank you!
Paige, believe me, I know you were totally involved in keeping the office running smoothly to allow the other 2 to do their jobs. In a small office, everyone has their key roles. So thank you too!
I’m including thank yous as well as a thank you gift gard for each of you. Please enjoy and know how much we all appreciate your excellent and hard work!

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